ADSL Saver Plans

Why not save even more money on your internet with our fantastic ADSL Super Saver plan.

If you pay 12 months in advance using either your credit or debit card we will give you a huge 16.6% discount. That equals a staggeringly low cost of only 22.49€ per month. Or to look at it another way pay for 10 months and get two absolutley free!

This makes it one of the cheapest monthly ADSL prices available anywhere in Spain today.

If you prefer you can always have our ADSL Mini Saver instead. For this you pay 6 months in advance but will enjoy the same great discount.

So our ADSL Super Saver is just: 269.90€ saving you 53.98€

and our ADSL Mini Saver is just: 134.95€ saving you 26.99€

Super saver and mini saver plans are on a rolling contract basis and are renewed automatically at the end of each period.  Unless, of course, you wish to make changes then just call us and tell us what you wish to do.

Save money today by calling us free of charge on:

900 900 900

Or email: