Home Plan ES Packages

We have 4 great packages to choose from that not only give you fantastic savings on all of your calls but will also reward you with discounts if you have additional services with us like Line Rental and Internet calls to UK peak rate are only 2.8 cents per min and off peak is a low, low cost of 1.9 cents per min.  Please remember that 00448 numbers (0800, 0845, 0870 etc.) are charged at higher rates when you call from Spain than if you were in the UK.  However all reputable companies that use these numbers should be happy to give you an alternative number to call from an International destination. 

 Home Plan ES

Monthly Fee

 Applicable Rates 

Peak & Off-Peak

                    Peak = 8.00am - 8.00 pm     Mon-Fri

Off-Peak = All other times


 HP-ES 1


As above

Calls Only

 HP-ES 2


As above

 Calls & Line Rental

 HP-ES 3


+ Free Local/National calls to standard Landline numbers 

Calls & Internet 

 HP-ES 4


+ Free Local/National calls to standard Landline number

 Calls, Line Rental & Internet



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Click on the link to download our full rates for the Home Plan ES packages

Home Plan ES Rates