Phone Line Rental Spain

Why not move all of your services to 900telecom and save money over your current provider.

Our Phone Line Rental is only 14.97€ per month and includes caller ID, voice mail and 3 way calling as standard, all of these service cost more with Movistar.

Moving your Phone Line Rental to us could not be easier and all we need to start the process is a copy of your latest Movistar invoice and a 15.00€ up-front admin fee.  The contract period is for 18 months.  We do require 30 days notice on all cancellations and the contract term rolls over automatically each 18 months unless we hear from you.

We will take care of everything else and once all is complete we will call and write to you to let you know.  The whole process usually only takes about 10-15 working days, but please, please remember these are Spanish working days!

Please do not cancel your movistar direct debit during this process as any payment rejections will halt the process.  Also if Movistar owe you any money they will refund it to that account once the migration process is complete.  Sometimes when the change over happens your voicemail service may revert to Spanish.  Click the link below for instructions on changing your voicemail language and also how to activate the service:

Voicemail instructions

So for an easier life and all of your service on one bill call us for free on:

900 900 900

Or email: