Customer Service

Here at 900telecom we use the very latest, state of the art, technology to ensure that every time you contact us we are able to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. 

Sometimes you may be asked to leave a message if all of our operators are busy, please do so as this enables us to get back to you very quickly or at a time better suited to your needs thus saving you valuable time .  If you don't leave a message we won't know that you require assistance.  This service has been so successful that both British Gas and Vodafone have recently adopted similar services.

We always record our calls as this ensures we get everything right and understand your needs correctly.  This information is also entered into our customer resource management database so that no matter when you call or who you speak too they will have the full history of your account.

If you call us and then have to go out please check your messages on your return as we will have tried to call you.

Remember the call to us is free:

In Spain on:

900 900 900

and in UK on:

0203 318 5852

Or email: